Reasons for Choosing Micro-needling
Micro needling has gained massive popularity in the beauty and health circles. It is currently one of the most popular procedures for facial and skin rejuvenation that is available right now. It is a non - destructive procedure that tricks the skin into working to rejuvenate itself naturally. It is a form of a modern hi - tech acupuncture that uses a roller with small needles that are closely spaced to puncture the skin and initiate the production of collagen, a protein that improves the elasticity and tone of the skin making it look livelier. Unlike in laser procedures, there is no risk of burning away the skin in micro needling and no harsh chemicals that would the skin pigmentation are used. But why all the popularity and buzz around micro-needling?

First of all, these micro-needlingare one of the most economical yet effective facial rejuvenation procedures available. Compared to other procedures available, the results achieved through micro - needling are far better than other procedures for the same cost range. Micro - needling is for example far cheaper than laser resurfacing for the same results. Not just the cost, but micro - needling is also much safer and easier to perform than laser resurfacing. The recovery time after the micro - needling procedure is incredibly shorter compared to other procedures such as facial laser resurfacing. In micro - needling there are no chemicals, not cuts or incisions meaning minimal damage to the skin enabling it to recover quickly.

Another reason for choosing micro - needling is that the results are felt fast and they last long. Improvements to the skin are usually visible one week after the first session of the procedure. The improvements continue with the following weeks and sessions. The procedure is usually complete after six sessions for most skin types, but the collagen production and improvement of the skin texture and tone continues for up to twelve months after the procedure.  Get more info here!

Micro - needling is also for all skin types. Unlike laser or chemical procedures, there is no untoward change in pigmentation following a micro - needling procedure. This means that the skin does not get irregular patchy spots after recovery. Laser and chemical treatments have been known to cause spots that are noticeably lighter or darker than other parts, especially if it done only one region like the lips. If it's carried out by a professional, micro - needling is almost risk free. The needles used are sterile and the needles do not cause any damage to the epidermis. This way there is no risk of infection or scars.